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Rise Real Estate Coaching

I help mega agents breakthrough stagnation with a no-bullshit approach focused on accountability, efficient processes and daily practices. 

Let's Meet

Hi, I'm Kaitlyn. 

Behind every strong, independent woman stands a little girl who had a father make them give a sales pitch in order to receive their spending money. Oh... wait was that just me?


I’m Kaitlyn Norton and I guess one could say I’m overly passionate about sales because, well, it has been instilled in my bones. Though it was not the most conventional way to earn an allowance, I’m very thankful for what my sales enthusiast father taught me during that time.

Vision, dreams, and ideas are the center of my conversations with like-minded friends, family and mentors. In turn, this same group of driven individuals have coached me to stay focused on my goals. I force myself to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and set a standard of consistent accountability. Why? Because I truly believe that there is always another level with my name on it. That next level for me is helping fellow high achievers exceed their own goals.

After selling 66 homes my first year of real estate I was pissed because I knew I could have done more. I became ADDICTED to real estate and studied models, systems, and scripts on how to work smarter. I transitioned into Director of Sales for the # 1 team in Utah (Bustos Real Estate) who closed out over 497 homes sold and $137 Million in volume in 2017. In 2018 after moving to Texas I joined as Director of Sales of The Christie Cannon Team (top 30 teams in the nation) who closed over 380 homes and $125M in volume. After coaching other Real Estate agents the last 2 years I fell in love with the high and challenge of succeeding through others. Therefore starting Rise Real Estate Coaching felt like the natural next step.

Real Estate is a passion of mine and there’s something to be said about the transformation that occurs when I give someone just enough of a push to fly. I genuinely believe that the first step in this process is dusting off the confidence that lives in us all. As for me, some days that confidence comes from a long stem filled with red wine. I’m not here to judge how we get there, I’m just here to keep you in your own lane of magic.

I have an unquenchable thirst to learn which is why I believe so much in life and business coaching. My ambition forces me to get fiercely obsessed with growth and opportunity and you can always find me talking about vexatiously big dreams. Therefore, I have made it my mission to challenge others to join me in thinking big and then thinking even bigger. After all, life is all about chasing the type of fire within you that makes your eyes glow. I’m just here to be the spark to your flame!


I coach from a perspective of three main categories - accountability, efficient processes and daily practices. There are numerous subcategories within those three main categories that we will focus on until perfected. 


Goal Setting

Goal Tracking


Leadership Skills

Business Plan Execution

Vendor Relations

Maintaining Consistent Values

Change Management

Efficient Processes

Presentation Development & Enhancement

Strategic Hiring & Training

CRM Management

Transaction Management

Financial Modeling

Project Management 

Office Operations

Agent Retention

Daily Practices

Time Management


Lead Gen & Follow-Up

Sales Scripting

Team Prospecting

"One Thing" Training


Sphere Management 


"If you are looking for professional guidance to improve your real estate business and life, you have found the right coach. Learn from a coach who has experience in the trenches both as a top performing realtor as well as working with nationally recognized teams."

Marcel Deitrich - Lender - VP Guaranteed Rate

"I was lucky enough to have Kaitlyn coach me while I was an agent on one of the top teams in DFW. She is full of knowledge and can help anyone, at any level in their career! She is an amazing coach and always knows the best way to help! If you're looking to grow your business, look no further!"

Dustin Smith - Real Estate Agent

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